Kuwaiti Marriage

This subject has really interested me for quiet a while; I enjoy the intricacies of the make up of what is a Kuwaiti marriage. It’s not as we all understand and see on TV. or in a movie, its far way too complicated.

Let’s examine the make up of the Kuwaiti population, there are two main categories which are Sunni & Shiite, then within them there are about a thousand groups, badou or hathar? Aseel or not? Lour (Persian Bedouin) or not? High class or low class? Educated or idiot? Handsome or not? Mithajba or not? And the list goes on and on and on.

It’s sad that we have categorized people in such a way that make it like you were walking into a shop buying a t-shirt than trying to find the person you will spend your life with. A very close friends of mine today also informed me of a new trend in marriage called Zawaj Safqa, where the guy or the girl marry in order to increase the net worth of her or his sons and the bragging rights of the mom, what a disgusting low we have reach I must tell you.

A frustrated “3eemi” once over dinner told me this

“jasoom tadry shino sa3eb titzawaj 3eeemiya?”

“laish, shda3wa ya3ni mako san3een ? “ ß– no offense btw I am one.

“Mo 3an mako bas here let’s examine the needed criteria, I need someone open minded to fit my lifestyle, someone mo mithajba and someone really smart and educated, I also want someone beautiful and someone who my parents will be happy to hear than I’m interested in”

Then he goes on to saying

“do you know HOW FUCKING rare that is between 3ayam girls here in Kuwait, and if you find one then she’s probably getting offers by guys who wipe their asses with 20 KD bills which I don’t so I’m shit out of luck”

Hmmm, a note.

How about we try just opening this society just a tad, meeting people, okay there might be set back and heart aches but don’t you think that when you marry someone that you know, love, trust, experienced ups and downs with (it’s not necessarily better) but when it comes to stats and math you DEFINITLY we have a better chance making it (happily and not just making it because your afraid baba is going to whop your ass or you don’t want to give up the Bentley and bait el niz-ha) ?


5 Responses to “Kuwaiti Marriage”

  1. 1 dishevelled July 14, 2008 at 8:00 pm

    Although I abhor the way marriage works here, but it’s honestly what 20something yound women want… they choose for it to be that way. I have come to classify girls who want to get married into three types. The first is the one who open declares she’s marrying for the name/money. The second says she wants to know the person, etc. In the end she’s exactly like the one who’s after it for the money and the name. The rare third type are those who want a life partner, not just arm candy.

    I’m also very sad to say that a lot of girls in their 20’s these days are so immature and materialistic, they are not ready to get married at all, and are more concerned about the wedding than the marriage. All they care about is being the “envious” bride-to be by everyone around her. These days I’m feeling like marriage here has come to be an accessory more than anything else :/

    You might think this is exxagerated, but I have a handful of people in mind when I wrote that.

  2. 3 SweetD August 18, 2008 at 8:17 pm

    Not all girls at the age of 20 (ahm ahm like moi) care about these trifles! I think that the world in general has become more interested in money, which is why people have are materilistic! I blame T.V, but then again there are people like us who have been educated to look for a life partner and not to dig for gold :P…

  3. 4 nisren January 21, 2009 at 5:27 am

    seriously man ur talk is just makin me loose all hopes in kuwaiti marrigies for good… although i agree with u ,,,but from a girl`s piont of view kuwaiti men are the one making this thing even harder,and to be real u can never be open minded about meeting new ppl and knowing them n this sociaty,there will alwayes be the aseel .not aseel thingy and how many kuwaiti guy you kno who will actually marry the girl who has REALY KNOW HER, they dont do that most of the time they want a girl who is looked in a box ,,,and to be honest i just resntly discovered that the more educated the girl is the more undesired she will be even for her peers who are in un equal stuts

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