Hello Dust

Hello Dust & Airplane

Today I managed to stay awake during the night upto 1:15. Now I totally understand that to some of you this may be the norm but for me it isn’t , I’m normally dead asleep by 11 or even 12.The reason, I’m going to Dubai, I’m actually at Emirates Towers Starbucks while I type this and I would like to share my experience with you on the coming here aboard the beautiful world war III airplane.

I have always been impressed by Emirates Airlines, never have I had something bad to say or complain about, the route from Kuwait to Dubai & back is almost perfect, but today there was something weird. Apparently the morning flight offers ritzy Kuwaitis the joy of a first class seat where as the evening & night flight don’t, this plane was different though. It felt older, the seats were’t as big (in business class), the t.v. screen’s were old as hell and the options made Kuwait airways seems like you were cruising at 37,000 feet aboard a plane designed by Game Works.

Jasem’s mind starts to wonder, he begins to listen to the smallest sounds, like the tires hitting something on the tarmac, or even the sounds of the engine roaring down the landing strip.

As we took off the plane was flying quiet low to Kuwait, actually it was so low I could make out all the roads and building until we hit the ocean, then BOOM! I begin to shake rattle and god only knows what, it has always been my fear that the plane goes through an air pocket (sensation when the plane just drops a few thousand feet). This happened to me once before and I was totally dead, it was years ago and mind you since then it has NEVER happened to me ever, every post and every scare I had was because I was so scared that it would hit at any minute and I would literally shit myself.

Well thanks to the dust today it hit not once, not twice, THREE FUCKING TIMES. One of the times I felt my feet actually go airborne ! the amazing thing actually was the fact that a few trips and some courage during the last three years, mixed with great house music on the iPod plus a guy who really needs to sleep made me could give a damn. I was scared yes but I was okay, I actually was confident that the plane wasn’t going to plumit like it did on the National Geographic Channel’s Air Plane Disasters program.

The rest of the flight was bumpy as hell but it wasn’t scary bumpy it was annoying bumpy, I felt my brain was jiggling to no ends. All in all it was an experience and that’s what counts, right now I look forward to a busy day and a flight back to Kuwait at 4:15 p.m.

Hopefully it goes smooth.



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