A Lovely Sight.

As I was driving home, the only thought that was on my mind was to stop somewhere for a salad, and I did. Normally when I’m put in that situation I head straight to Bredz at Souq Sharq and sit alone and have what I consider the only good salad place in Kuwait, when you combine food + atmosphere that is.

While I was into the mall I saw one of the most beautiful sights in the world, a couple, they were on a wheel chair heading towards their car. I have no clue what happened to me I was rushed with happiness with joy with so much proud for what could be one of the most beautiful and “cute” (as they say in California) sights in the universe, it was bliss. Here we are in what has been the most materialistic, most obnoxious, most LOUD, most “doggy dogg” world, most hypocritical places I have lived in post college and I see this, ahh the feeling I felt was just great. Two people in love, for what they are and who they are and not for what might be conceived by culture as a deterrent. Here they were, in spite of their ailment to carry out activities as easily as everyone else, in love and spending a day at the mall, and here they were a glimpse of hope …

A glimpse of hope because someone needs to address this

What the fuck is up with the tight jeans men wear now a days, the ones that stick so tight to their ankles it makes no sense to me how it goes on and off.

What the fuck is up with the over sized 7ijab? I mean people its being taken to the next level I saw a woman today decked out in Burberry print from head to toe including a matching 7ijab that was so large it just did not make sense.

What the fuck is up with the glitter and sparkly shit they up on cars ß no wait this is old! WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH THE DISCUSTING SHIT PEOPLE PUT ON THEIR CARS, THE GREESY DUSTY STUFF THEY PUT SUPOSIDLY TO PREVENT IT FROM SCRATCHING.

But seriously, what the fuck is up with the unhappy couple having dinner and barely saying a word is this happiness in Kuwait?

Or what the fuck is the guys who have muscles in Kuwait! Are we given out steroids with a happy meal in this country? Don’t these people know that in 10 years the word penis would be only a figment of their memories?

People, people, people what in the fucking world were they thinking when they hired the most ugliest, yellow teethed girls in Kuwait to work at the front desk of immigration when you fly into/and out of the country, are they trying to scare us and visitors the fuck away?

– This place is one hell of a place to live, but someone needs to speak of all the dirt that goes on, (I’ll leave the inhumane treatment of workers, road conditions, embezzlement of public funds, airport, tourism, business, FDI, etc to those who we elect) I’ll stick to me now and then “rants”


2 Responses to “A Lovely Sight.”

  1. 1 Saud R August 8, 2008 at 9:52 am

    so true!!!

  2. 2 Zabo0o6a August 9, 2008 at 9:51 pm

    well written Jasem !
    I thought it was only me who noticed such things , when is see such happy couple i just murmur “allah la y’3ayer 3alaihum inshallah”..
    while others just keep criticizing she’s chubby and he’s asla3 ! wtf!
    Right now i think everything is so overrated and what kills the most that everyone thinks it’s the “IN” thing that they should surrender and act like morons eventhough deep inside they know it’s ugly/wrong,etc..

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