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Akon – Review

I picked up this cd from the airport, and all I can say is wow, I meant it. I wasn’t always a fan of Akon, quiet frankly I thought he was an idiot when he was first introduced to the world as the guy sitting in the bus in an orange overall singing locked up.

The cd features tracks like “smack that” & “I wanna love you” which are hits and no one can deny that, but the true gem is a song called “ I can’t wait”


I have the CD playing as I write this, I’m bobbing my head on the plane listening to it over and over again to try to diminish the fears of plummeting to my death in this fucked up weather were flying in.

I just want to be in a club now with 10 of my closest friends and this song just comes up loud as hell and …

Well, DANCE, and never stop dancing …


Dubai Reviewed

Burj Dubai

Burj Dubai


I’m writing this on my way back to Kuwait from a weekend trip to Dubai, a place where I used to really love. Well I still do but I do have to complain, or else I wouldn’t be Jasem.

The place seems to be very plastic, very fake, very show offy, the people have never been like this in the past, now … British, American, local, Indian, the lebs literally everyone is trying to show off how big of a pair they’ve got by flashing the cash, it’s getting old and stupid.

Walking into ChinChin the first night, where I went for literally 10 minutes to see an old friend, Hussein all I can hear as I passed the people is them talking of what car they are going to buy and what house they want to live in and what bonus there going to get, it’s nice to be ambitious and to be in a place where drive and motivation is key to survival but it shouldn’t define you a person.

To end my trip, when I checked out I couldn’t resist the watch store in the lobby, one my many vices & expensive hobbies. I was asking the salesmen about a beautiful Yacht Master II and why the price is so much more expensive that it is in Kuwait when a young Lebanese guy walked in, chest in the sky and you could just tell that the guy had an ego it would make P. Diddy’s jealous.

He took off his watch threw it on the counter and said,

“I got this as a gift, it’s a chopard (he pronounced it Choparrrr, being French & all)”

“I want to know how much it’s worth”


…. No commet.

Shabby Chique Boutique

You are cordially invited to join Noor Jafar and Danna Jawhar in Karisma at The Art House of Hamed Al Saab and Ali Sultan to be the first to get a glance at the Shabby Chique exclusive collection. Showcasing of items will include pashmina wear, exclusive Tantra t-shirts, exquisite sterling silver bracelets and so much more.

Join us on Thursday at 5 p.m. for the opening, also Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. then again at 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Telephone: 2461249

Location:Karizma, opposite to Amiri Hospital

Website: (coming soon)

Jacob & Co.

Jacob the jeweler is in prison baby for attempting to launder 270,000,000 dollars !


Say A Prayer

Yesterday i received what could be the worst news of my life, Ella, Celine’s daughter & the most gorgeous & loving & fun baby was diagnosed last night with cancel. A large, “baseball sized”, tumor was found on her liver, she is in the hospital surrounded by friends & family who love and support Ella & her parents throughout the day & night. Please say a prayer for Ella & let’s hope she pulls through this bump, i know you can do it my Ella !

A Day In Jeddah.

Well after spending a very busy day in Jeddah i do have some good to say and some, well i’m indifferent. I did get to see woman today which is weird since you don’t see any woman drive, and all banks that i had to visit had two separate branches for men & woman and not to mention the segregated restaurants we went too, all that said however it seems like it works, people seem to be friendly, happy and content.

I was out today with a colleague and his wife, we went to a great and very delicious restaurant but what i didn’t get is the openness. You know i must admit coming to Saudi never is a judgment free experience, i’m sure everyone’s first time was tainted with many miss conceptions and ideas of what to expect, but at dinner, there were tables with woman just showing their hair and celebrating their independence, they were enjoying a smoke while having food and it just felt serene almost, people are quiet they dont stare (like they do in Kuwait) and it really does seem like it works.

Needless to say i have seen the alien types that have long greasy hair who drive corollas with large speakers and yuck interior just going nuts! we also were going to crash about 10 times during out hectic schedule and the most beautiful part of the day was when we were going to get close to being stuck in a restaurant for 45 minutes for prayers.

all in all, jeddah is gorgeous, this is truly a wonderfully designed place, the palaces, the restaurants, the people, it’s seriously awesome. i would love to explore Jeddah more, i’m sure the connected few can throw a party like you wouldn’t believe and can show me the “real” jeddah! but maybe that’s for another time and another trip.

Tommorow is Riyadh, ala yaster!


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